Now That’s My Kind Of Weekend..

I have seen so many costumes and pictures of the weekend all over my social media newsfeeds, but this weekend all I did was lay in bed drinking tea. It seems almost inevitable that when your friends are coming to visit and everyone is getting ready to go out and have fun for Halloween weekend, I get sick. It’s almost as if the anxiety is too much and my body knows it would rather not be put through a weekend of dressing up and going out all night. It started Friday with just feeling tired and not up to doing anything except staying in and watching movies, then Saturday it turned into a sore throat and sniffles, so by Sunday I knew I was going to have to battle this cold for the next few days. Honestly though, I have to say I wasn’t too disappointed to have such a mellow weekend because after all that tea and rest I’m starting to feel a lot better. Sometimes our bodies know what’s best I guess!


A New Favorite Author

I just finished reading ‘The Secret Keeper’ by Kate Morton, and I fell in love with this book. It is separated into three sections, each focusing on the view from three different girls, who are all connected to each other. I love that the setting jumps back and forth between present day and the past during World War 11 in London, as well as other parts of England.

The way Kate Morton unwraps the mystery that the first character is trying to uncover, about her mother – the second character view – and then ties the story into the third main character view leads to a huge surprise ending. The sense of wanting to solve the mystery at every page and just feeling as if you’re about to figure it out only to get a flash to a different character kept me intrigued and glued to this book. The way Morton paints the picture of each setting made me want to visit these places.

My favorite books tend to be the ones that have a mystery that continues to twist as it unravels and of course a good love story in the plot always helps connect a reader. Previous books that have won my heart were a little more gritty and edgy, like ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ trilogy but I am definitely a new fan of Morton and the story she told which captivated me. I already can’t wait to read another novel by Morton.

My Favorite Halloween Movies and Fall TV Series


Sleepy Hollow

The Corpse Bride

The Nightmare Before Christmas


(basically anything tim burton)

Donnie Darko

Hocus Pocus

Nightmare on Elm Street


The Thing (the remake)

House on Haunted Hill


Little Shop of Horrors




…There are a few TV series getting me even more into the Halloween spirit!

Once Upon a Time/

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

The Tomorrow People

Witches of East End

The Vampire Diaries

The Originals



My Favorite Sports Season.. Baseketball, Kicks Off Tomorrow!

The NBA season starts off tomorrow with a few games I am really excited to watch! The Miami Heat game, L.A. Lakers game without Kobe Bryant because of last year’s season ending injury, and the Oklahoma Thunder who are also without one of their stars Russell Westbrook leaving Kevin Durant to carry a heavier workload.

Miami Heat are looking like they could win the NBA championship for the third season in a row. Kevin Durant is expected to be the leading scorer in the league, but will be competing with Lebron James.

Dwight Howard has left the Lakers to join the Houston Rockets to join up-and-coming star James Harden, who played against the WSU Cougars when he played for ASU. I think it will be interesting to see how Howard fits with this team because of his rough season with the Lakers last year where it seemed like he just couldn’t get in sync with the team.

Former WSU star shooting guard Clay Thompson is continuing his NBA career with another good season with the Golden State Warriors. Thompson and Stephen Curry are two of the most dangerous three-point shooters in the league.. Not too shabby coming from WSU!


Currnet Events That Stood Out Today

Controversy has risen on the WSU campus recently. In my crisis communication class we have been talking about the Athletics Department deciding to hand out “Cougador” masks at the Halloween football game this Thursday. Some students have decided to voice their opinions about this campaign being offensive by crating Facebook pages for ‘cougs against cougador’ and online petitions to put a stop to the masks. However, the Athletics Department met with the WSU student leadership and Latino groups on campus and both parties did NOT find the campaign offensive. MLB and NFL teams have used this tactic previously and have had a lot of positive response from fans. It leads me to wonder, is there any subject in today’s society that will not stir some sort of controversy?

In other football news, the Seattle Seahawks play the St. Louis Rams tonight. The Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford, is out for the season due to a torn ACL which means the Seahawks have a great chance to beat the Rams tonight. A new quarterback for the Rams will have to attempt to battle the Seahawks defense, one of the most dangerous in the league!


In unrelated news, an interesting story I heard on the radio this morning was about singer/actress/dancer Julianne Hough apologizing for her costume over the weekend. Hough dressed as “Crazy Eyes” from the television series Orange is the New Black and went out in blackface for the costume. Hough tweeted that she is a huge fan of the show and did not intend to be disrespectful or demeaning, I also am a huge fan of the show and can definitely see the humor and innocence of the idea for a group of girls to dress as the characters, but it seems sort of obvious that it was a bold move and certainly a risk to go out especially as a figure in the media to scrutinize that costume.

“What comes next?”

With graduation only 6 weeks away I have been finding it almost impossible to keep my head in the game and focus on finishing out the semester strong. I am so excited to finally graduate from college and start the next chapter, but I am also determined to finish my final semester with (hopefully) all As! I only have four classes that I am taking to complete my major in public relations as well as both of my minors in fine arts and psychology so I feel like it is totally do-able and based off of my midterm grades not out of reach. I had an A, two A- but the fourth was a C+ I’m hoping that the last was only because there wasn’t much to go grade at that point. On the flip-side I am nervous to finally be out of school because I will be forced to face “what comes next” which I am still completely unsure of currently. I have been procrastinating terribly at sending my resume out (I should have been doing that all summer). Honestly a part of me would be satisfied with a little break in between graduation and starting a “real job” but I know that will only last  five minutes before I start getting anxious to get started. It seems like everyone else graduating in December, at least the people I have talked to in my major, already have something lined up so I’m starting to feel the pressure the closer graduation approaches. Then again, it always seems like the best things turn up when we least expect it.

My Top 10 Halloween Couples’ Costumes

Halloween is one of the holidays you can have the most fun with, because you get to dress up! I have to admit it is probably the most fun in college and after that the dressing up part seems to become less important and there are less reasons to as well. Couples’ costumes are always my favorite, whether they are done with a significant other or a friend, because they are usually the most creative or most recognizable. Here are some of my favorite couple costumes for this year.

old-school  gangsters (and/or flapper girl)

batman and cat-woman (or robin)

zombie bride and groom

pebbles and bam-bam

nightmare before Christmas – jack and sally

peter pan and tinkerbell

the great Gatsby – Gatsby and Daisy

Disney Princesses and Princes

Mario and Luigi or Mario and Princess Peach

Bonnie and Clyde