Animal Cruelty Prevention

I think it is important to be aware of the frequency of how often animal abuse occurs. I love animals and I think majority of individuals can relate to how happy they make and how their innocence is beautiful. Pets can always tell what kind of mood you are in and know exactly how to help make you feel better. After researching I found that majority of animal abuse comes from neglect and abandonment, I find it heartbreaking to ever imagine forgetting about your “little ones” and I feel every animal/pet deserves a loving home. Also learning that animal abuse traces all the way back to ancient times and became popular in the United States opened my eyes to how much of a large-scale problem this issue has had an opportunity to turn into. I hope everyone can do their part in helping prevent animal cruelty from existing whether it be by donating if they have the means, volunteering if they have the time, or simply reporting if they know/think animal abuse could be occurring somewhere they know about.


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