Now That’s My Kind Of Weekend..

I have seen so many costumes and pictures of the weekend all over my social media newsfeeds, but this weekend all I did was lay in bed drinking tea. It seems almost inevitable that when your friends are coming to visit and everyone is getting ready to go out and have fun for Halloween weekend, I get sick. It’s almost as if the anxiety is too much and my body knows it would rather not be put through a weekend of dressing up and going out all night. It started Friday with just feeling tired and not up to doing anything except staying in and watching movies, then Saturday it turned into a sore throat and sniffles, so by Sunday I knew I was going to have to battle this cold for the next few days. Honestly though, I have to say I wasn’t too disappointed to have such a mellow weekend because after all that tea and rest I’m starting to feel a lot better. Sometimes our bodies know what’s best I guess!


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