A New Favorite Author

I just finished reading ‘The Secret Keeper’ by Kate Morton, and I fell in love with this book. It is separated into three sections, each focusing on the view from three different girls, who are all connected to each other. I love that the setting jumps back and forth between present day and the past during World War 11 in London, as well as other parts of England.

The way Kate Morton unwraps the mystery that the first character is trying to uncover, about her mother – the second character view – and then ties the story into the third main character view leads to a huge surprise ending. The sense of wanting to solve the mystery at every page and just feeling as if you’re about to figure it out only to get a flash to a different character kept me intrigued and glued to this book. The way Morton paints the picture of each setting made me want to visit these places.

My favorite books tend to be the ones that have a mystery that continues to twist as it unravels and of course a good love story in the plot always helps connect a reader. Previous books that have won my heart were a little more gritty and edgy, like ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ trilogy but I am definitely a new fan of Morton and the story she told which captivated me. I already can’t wait to read another novel by Morton.


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