Holiday Work-Out Tips

With the holidays here, there is food EVERYWHERE and who could blame us for wanting to splurge? But there are things you can do to keep from letting all that hard work go to waste.

Schedules get pretty hectic this time of year, you can still do condensed workouts that are more intense than your regular routine. Squats and lunges are my favorite for lower body. If I don’t have free weights for upper body I try to do as many push-ups as I can. And as an all over workout I love getting in planks, usually for about a minute forward and on each side.

Also, keeping in your routine, trying to get in those mini workouts everyday keeps you on schedule. It is so easy to get out of the habit and so hard to get back into it.

If you go on vacation or are not near a gym (or have time to get there), you can still do sit-ups, squats/lunges, planks and go for jog.

I also love yoga, even just stretching as much as possible will help you keep those long, lean muscles and will help you bounce back into routine even with a little break from the intense part.

It’s all about moderation too, give your body time to relax and enjoy the holiday and family time. Just remember to set aside 15-20 minutes for some “you” time.


My Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

prime rib (instead of turkey)


artichoke dip

stuffed baked potatoes



taco dip

deviled eggs


avocado/cucumber salad

and of course, apple cider

Thanksgiving Plans

I am so excited to go back home to my parents’ this week for Thanksgiving! I started thinking about it and realized it has almost been a year since I have been back to Yelm. Not that it has been that long since I’ve got to see my parents, they are nice enough to make the 6 hour drive to visit me here in Pullman.
There is not much to do in Yelm, it’s a very small town without any fun hotspots or sites to see, but since it has been a while I am really looking forward to see my old house and my friends that will be there too.
It’s funny how easy it is to get bored of a place when you have lived there for a while and then suddenly miss after being away. Plus, my parents are going to cook a huge meal for the holiday and that will probably be the best part.

5 Things I’m Thankful For

With Thanksgiving coming up in a couple weeks, my newsfeed has been full of “what I’m thankful for” posts. I have an ongoing list of things to be thankful for but I decided to make a list of the top five most important things to me.

The first thing is my amazing parents. I wouldn’t be here without them, not just as a person but where I am today, They have been my biggest supporters in every single thing I have done and I have always been able to go to them for advice or help no matter what the circumstance. The amount of thanks I owe them is endless and I am so lucky to have such amazing people setting an example for me.

The second thing I am most thankful for is being able to attend WSU. I have learned so much at school and met so many wonderful people as well as had some of my best experiences. The communication program here has helped guide me toward figuring out exactly what I’d like to be doing after graduation and I am thankful to have had some great opportunities.

The third thing I am thankful for is my friends and boyfriend. They also have always been there especially when I just needed someone to talk to about my frustrations or worries, but also to help create some of the best memories.

The fourth thing I am thankful for is being able to handle two jobs and a full school schedule during my last semester at college. It has taken off so much stress being able to have more income coming in so I can save up before I graduate. It has helped me learn time management and proved to me that I can balance more than I thought.

The final thing I am thankful for is graduation coming in 4 weeks. I has been four and a half long years at college and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I can finally start to feel accomplished and relieved to finish college, with all its ups and downs it has helped shape me into who I am as a professional and person in general (cliche I know, but hey it’s true what they say). 


Now That’s My Kind Of Weekend..

I have seen so many costumes and pictures of the weekend all over my social media newsfeeds, but this weekend all I did was lay in bed drinking tea. It seems almost inevitable that when your friends are coming to visit and everyone is getting ready to go out and have fun for Halloween weekend, I get sick. It’s almost as if the anxiety is too much and my body knows it would rather not be put through a weekend of dressing up and going out all night. It started Friday with just feeling tired and not up to doing anything except staying in and watching movies, then Saturday it turned into a sore throat and sniffles, so by Sunday I knew I was going to have to battle this cold for the next few days. Honestly though, I have to say I wasn’t too disappointed to have such a mellow weekend because after all that tea and rest I’m starting to feel a lot better. Sometimes our bodies know what’s best I guess!

A New Favorite Author

I just finished reading ‘The Secret Keeper’ by Kate Morton, and I fell in love with this book. It is separated into three sections, each focusing on the view from three different girls, who are all connected to each other. I love that the setting jumps back and forth between present day and the past during World War 11 in London, as well as other parts of England.

The way Kate Morton unwraps the mystery that the first character is trying to uncover, about her mother – the second character view – and then ties the story into the third main character view leads to a huge surprise ending. The sense of wanting to solve the mystery at every page and just feeling as if you’re about to figure it out only to get a flash to a different character kept me intrigued and glued to this book. The way Morton paints the picture of each setting made me want to visit these places.

My favorite books tend to be the ones that have a mystery that continues to twist as it unravels and of course a good love story in the plot always helps connect a reader. Previous books that have won my heart were a little more gritty and edgy, like ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ trilogy but I am definitely a new fan of Morton and the story she told which captivated me. I already can’t wait to read another novel by Morton.