“What comes next?”

With graduation only 6 weeks away I have been finding it almost impossible to keep my head in the game and focus on finishing out the semester strong. I am so excited to finally graduate from college and start the next chapter, but I am also determined to finish my final semester with (hopefully) all As! I only have four classes that I am taking to complete my major in public relations as well as both of my minors in fine arts and psychology so I feel like it is totally do-able and based off of my midterm grades not out of reach. I had an A, two A- but the fourth was a C+ I’m hoping that the last was only because there wasn’t much to go grade at that point. On the flip-side I am nervous to finally be out of school because I will be forced to face “what comes next” which I am still completely unsure of currently. I have been procrastinating terribly at sending my resume out (I should have been doing that all summer). Honestly a part of me would be satisfied with a little break in between graduation and starting a “real job” but I know that will only last  five minutes before I start getting anxious to get started. It seems like everyone else graduating in December, at least the people I have talked to in my major, already have something lined up so I’m starting to feel the pressure the closer graduation approaches. Then again, it always seems like the best things turn up when we least expect it.


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