One of the most talked about topics this past month I have seen all over social media, has been about Miley Cyrus’ performance during the MTV VMAs, now the singer is creating a documentary with MTV about a look into her life.

The MTV Video Music Awards was a now well-known “scandalous performance” by Miley Cyrus when she performed on stage with singer Robin Thicke. Cyrus was criticized for her dancing around half-naked in a “vulgar” manner. The singer came back at the negative comments by saying she is growing up and wants the public to see who she really is. Cyrus claims that all of the media attention has been a “strategic hot mess.”

A new movie focused on a behind the scenes look at Cyrus has been in the works “The Movement” created by MTV. The movie features artists like Juicy J, a southern rapper whose show Cyrus infamously twerked at and Mike WiLL, the producer of “can’t stop” and a lot of Cyrus’ new album BANGERZ. Like any documentary, the movie is complete with adversity as well as controversy. A reaction from Britney Spears about Billy Ray Cyrus’ response to  “slave 4 u” along with Cyrus addressing criticism that her VMA performance was too sexual are all highlighted. Miley says she should be free to express herself.



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