Pop Culture

One of my favorite actors, James Franco, has had a busy year showing his diversity as an actor/director/writer. His newest movie “Sal” stars Val Lauren as 1950s teen idol Sal Mineo. The movie focuses on Sal’s story two decades later coming out with his homosexuality and becoming the actor/director he has always wanted to be.

I am a huge fan of Franco, I think all of his roles have been so different and have shown his wide range of acting variability. There are a lot of rumors about Franco’s own sexuality and I think it is admirable that he chooses to keep it a question. His choice to counter allegations of homosexuality by saying its interesting that people feel the need to define sexuality into a specific category shows he is open-minded and really in tune with our society in this day and age. It also shows that he is comfortable in his own skin and a role model for young people to look up to. He may have controversial roles as well, but that indicates to me, that he is diverse and has a sense of humor, also that he is an adult and isn’t afraid to raise some controversy.

I look forward to seeing Franco’s new film, after all of the movies Franco has done this year I think it will be a nice addition to the list.


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