Government Shutdown: Breakdown Made Simple

The government shutdown sounds like a pretty big deal, but it’s likely most of us won’t even notice. Republicans are anti-Obamacare and have said the government can only spend its money if i’s not on Obamacare, they know if the spending bill is not passed there will be a shutdown. The bill passed and was sent to senate but the senate consists of mostly Democrats and they are pro-Obamacare so they will not pass anything that attacks it. Republican Ted Cruz, running for senate, “filibusted” which basically means he stalled by talking to waste time, trying to change the amount of votes needed to pass the bill. The bill went back to the House, Republicans passed it again and then Democrats stopped it again at Senate. In a shutdown people are divided into essential and non-essential, non-essentials won’t work until the shutdown is over. President Obama says a shutdown lasting more than a few weeks would do significant economic damage (eonline). If the bill isn’t passed by midnight the government shuts down at 12:01 a.m. (Oct. 1). There have been 17 shutdowns since 1977. 


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