Eating Clean on a Budget

One of the challenges college students face is maintaining a healthy diet. Grocery shopping on a budget and having time to cook nutritious meals can be difficult when you are in class all day and cramming for exams or projects all night. Eating clean can be expensive and hard to find. Cleanses have been pretty popular around my campus but making sure you are doing them the right way and putting enough nutrients in your body to make and burn for energy is crucial especially during hectic weeks of class. Knowing the super foods your body uses the right way is a good way to keep your body fueled and focused. I know personally when I’m not eating right no matter how much caffeine I try to take in I still feel sluggish and tired all day. It’s important to know which types of foods you should splurge on and the others that are till good for you even if they aren’t organic. Whole foods are the best way to go and buying in bulk saves money in the long run. I found this video that shows some great ways to eat clean on a budget that I thought I’d share:

There are some great tips that are easy to do to keep yourself alert and energized as well as burn some fat to maintain a healthy diet, even as a “poor college student!”


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