Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has become a widespread phenomenon over the years. One of my favorite parts is helping my boyfriend decide who to start in his league. Of course, my choice is based off of the few players I know as well as who might be popular in the media at the time because more is known about them. For instance, a new show has just recently aired starring Eric Decker and his fiancé, country singer Jessie James, so obviously I encouraged him to pick Decker for his fantasy team.

However, for the players there can be backlashes from fans over these fantasy teams if a player doesn’t play their best or has an off game. Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans, an elite running back in the league, said people care more about their fantasy team stats than the actual NFL team winning the game.  Johnson said he could care less about fantasy football, his concern is about his team winning. Last years superbowl winning running back Ray Rice said he used to be a fan of fantasy football until just recently when fans criticized him on twitter after getting injured in a game (

Are fans going too far and taking the fun out of the sport? I think fans should remember they are supporters not coaches. A lot of fantasy leagues put money on the line for the winner (or top winners) but when people resort to trash talking a player from the NFL has it crossed the line from entertainment to something more personal for the players involved? It seems some NFL players are reacting to these fans and their harsh comments.


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