Football Fans’ Weekend

This weekend was an exciting time for football fans. With the Coug’ win along with the Seahawks’ beating the 49ers a lot of buzz has been going around the social media network.
I got to enjoy the chaos of working at WSU’s Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shop before the Cougar football game Saturday afternoon; Boy, Cougs are serious about their Cougar Gold (cheese) and Ferdinand’s ice-cream! A line out the door from open til close, at kickoff, kept all of us busy.
As for the Seahawks, one anticipated bet seems to be on everyone’s mind.. Colin Kaepernick shaves his eyebrow after losing a bet from a week 2 loss. Seahawks’ fans already were in high spirits Sunday, setting a record of the largest stadium attendance and loudest crowd roar. The eyebrow-shaving bet was the icing on the cake after the Seahawks won their game yesterday.
This Saturday (9/21) will be another home football game for the Washington State Cougars, which I again will be working until kickoff and I have the feeling this weekend might lead to even more hype for another Coug’ win. We can only prepare for the mayhem to arise and hope for another celebratory weekend!


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