Pop Culture

One of my favorite actors, James Franco, has had a busy year showing his diversity as an actor/director/writer. His newest movie “Sal” stars Val Lauren as 1950s teen idol Sal Mineo. The movie focuses on Sal’s story two decades later coming out with his homosexuality and becoming the actor/director he has always wanted to be.

I am a huge fan of Franco, I think all of his roles have been so different and have shown his wide range of acting variability. There are a lot of rumors about Franco’s own sexuality and I think it is admirable that he chooses to keep it a question. His choice to counter allegations of homosexuality by saying its interesting that people feel the need to define sexuality into a specific category shows he is open-minded and really in tune with our society in this day and age. It also shows that he is comfortable in his own skin and a role model for young people to look up to. He may have controversial roles as well, but that indicates to me, that he is diverse and has a sense of humor, also that he is an adult and isn’t afraid to raise some controversy.

I look forward to seeing Franco’s new film, after all of the movies Franco has done this year I think it will be a nice addition to the list.



One of the most talked about topics this past month I have seen all over social media, has been about Miley Cyrus’ performance during the MTV VMAs, now the singer is creating a documentary with MTV about a look into her life.

The MTV Video Music Awards was a now well-known “scandalous performance” by Miley Cyrus when she performed on stage with singer Robin Thicke. Cyrus was criticized for her dancing around half-naked in a “vulgar” manner. The singer came back at the negative comments by saying she is growing up and wants the public to see who she really is. Cyrus claims that all of the media attention has been a “strategic hot mess.”

A new movie focused on a behind the scenes look at Cyrus has been in the works “The Movement” created by MTV. The movie features artists like Juicy J, a southern rapper whose show Cyrus infamously twerked at and Mike WiLL, the producer of “can’t stop” and a lot of Cyrus’ new album BANGERZ. Like any documentary, the movie is complete with adversity as well as controversy. A reaction from Britney Spears about Billy Ray Cyrus’ response to  “slave 4 u” along with Cyrus addressing criticism that her VMA performance was too sexual are all highlighted. Miley says she should be free to express herself.


ESPN – “Popcorn Guy”

Over the weekend the WSU Cougars played in Seattle; the game unfortunately ended in a loss and a few upsets with both the quarterback and back-up quarterback getting injured. But one of the most popular buzzed about event happened in the stands not the field.

“Pop-corn Guy” was a big hit on ESPN, clips of a man (clearly intoxicated) sitting by himself in the stands and pouring popcorn into his mouth with his head back have been going around all over the internet and ESPN.

Even though this is supposed to be a humorous event, which it is, does this shed more negative light on WSU and its reputation as a “party school?”

I feel the video is meant to be light hearted and shows a fan celebrating while watching his team. However, some opinions may differ, feeling that the video draws negative attention.


Breaking Bad Buzz

It sees it would be safe to assume the hit series Breaking Bad has topped the charts for most buzzed about on the social media circuit. Surprisingly, it’s not. The television show Pretty Little Liars actually holds the top spot for its last season finale. Practically everybody I know has been talking about the Breaking Bad finale, but I have to keep putting on my ear-muffs because I am probably the only person in the world who has not caught up to this season! Ironically, I am also a Pretty Little Liars fan and did in fact see that season finale. The suspense is killing me to finish this last season of Breaking Bad and the fact that you can’t go pretty much anywhere on the internet without seeing something about it is making it almost impossible to avoid. It looks like I am going to have to set aside some serious Breaking Bad time and find out what everyone is buzzing about!

Government Shutdown: Breakdown Made Simple

The government shutdown sounds like a pretty big deal, but it’s likely most of us won’t even notice. Republicans are anti-Obamacare and have said the government can only spend its money if i’s not on Obamacare, they know if the spending bill is not passed there will be a shutdown. The bill passed and was sent to senate but the senate consists of mostly Democrats and they are pro-Obamacare so they will not pass anything that attacks it. Republican Ted Cruz, running for senate, “filibusted” which basically means he stalled by talking to waste time, trying to change the amount of votes needed to pass the bill. The bill went back to the House, Republicans passed it again and then Democrats stopped it again at Senate. In a shutdown people are divided into essential and non-essential, non-essentials won’t work until the shutdown is over. President Obama says a shutdown lasting more than a few weeks would do significant economic damage (eonline). If the bill isn’t passed by midnight the government shuts down at 12:01 a.m. (Oct. 1). There have been 17 shutdowns since 1977.


Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has become a widespread phenomenon over the years. One of my favorite parts is helping my boyfriend decide who to start in his league. Of course, my choice is based off of the few players I know as well as who might be popular in the media at the time because more is known about them. For instance, a new show has just recently aired starring Eric Decker and his fiancé, country singer Jessie James, so obviously I encouraged him to pick Decker for his fantasy team.

However, for the players there can be backlashes from fans over these fantasy teams if a player doesn’t play their best or has an off game. Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans, an elite running back in the league, said people care more about their fantasy team stats than the actual NFL team winning the game.  Johnson said he could care less about fantasy football, his concern is about his team winning. Last years superbowl winning running back Ray Rice said he used to be a fan of fantasy football until just recently when fans criticized him on twitter after getting injured in a game (msn.com).

Are fans going too far and taking the fun out of the sport? I think fans should remember they are supporters not coaches. A lot of fantasy leagues put money on the line for the winner (or top winners) but when people resort to trash talking a player from the NFL has it crossed the line from entertainment to something more personal for the players involved? It seems some NFL players are reacting to these fans and their harsh comments.

Eating Clean on a Budget

One of the challenges college students face is maintaining a healthy diet. Grocery shopping on a budget and having time to cook nutritious meals can be difficult when you are in class all day and cramming for exams or projects all night. Eating clean can be expensive and hard to find. Cleanses have been pretty popular around my campus but making sure you are doing them the right way and putting enough nutrients in your body to make and burn for energy is crucial especially during hectic weeks of class. Knowing the super foods your body uses the right way is a good way to keep your body fueled and focused. I know personally when I’m not eating right no matter how much caffeine I try to take in I still feel sluggish and tired all day. It’s important to know which types of foods you should splurge on and the others that are till good for you even if they aren’t organic. Whole foods are the best way to go and buying in bulk saves money in the long run. I found this video that shows some great ways to eat clean on a budget that I thought I’d share:


There are some great tips that are easy to do to keep yourself alert and energized as well as burn some fat to maintain a healthy diet, even as a “poor college student!”