I have been having trouble coming up with stuff to write about for my blog; in class most students have decided to talk about their hobbies however I don’t have a particularly interesting hobby to continuously talk about. So I have been asking my boss and co-workers what interesting things I could come up with to blog about.. I currently work at Glo Tanning Salon and Ferdinand’s Ice-Cream Shop at the Washington State University Creamery; my boss James, at Glo, suggested I talk about all the books I read but I still don’t feel like that would capture enough of what I would like an overall blog of my own to be about. So I decided to sub-categorize interests as one part and my first post will be about books/genres I find interesting.

I am a sucker for mysteries; not the typical crime novel, but books that get me hooked are the type that have me wanting to find out what will happen next. I went through the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy within two weeks because I couldn’t get enough of discovering the next piece of the puzzle. The suspense keeps me interested and entertained to the point I will stay in on a Friday night with my book while the rest of the college campus is out, as typical college students do. I also love easy reads because you can read them in your down time and get though 5 or more a week. I really enjoyed The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I read it in a day or two then found out it was going to be adapted to film the following year. Books are always so full of detail and emotion, when they are converted so many things seem to get left out; things that could easily be left out to someone that isn’t familiar with the story but could make a hug difference to someone who connected with it. However, I did feel a decent job was done with that particular movie.

I suppose that will be the end of my rambling for now. Hopefully this will turn out to be more entertaining as I get more and more used to using a blog!